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"Under the blood beech"

"Under the blood beech" is a mural made in connection to the 100 years anniversary of "Genforeningen". It´s located in Gråsten.  

"Genforeningen" is a historical event happening in 1920. South Jutland (Slesvig) of Denmark was taken over by the Prussians since the battle of 1864 happening on Dybbøl Mølle. Since many citizens felt Danish there was a vote happening in 1920 if South Jutland (Slesvig) should be Danish or Prussian. A big part of Slesvig was reunited with Denmark. Read more about the event here:

The mural is depicting the feeling it must have been to be reunited with family and friends after the reunion of South Jutland and Denmark. The blood beech is a tree Danish people planted in their gardens before 1920 to show their nationality. Under the blood beech Danes secretly gathered for coffee and cake this was the beginning of "Sønderjysk kaffebord". 

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