Nøjsomheden and Vapnagaard 

Nøjsomheden and Vapnagaard are two large housing projects placed in Helsingør, Denmark. They consists of big concrete blocks, they are home to many people.  The task from Helsingør Kunst og Byrum was to find a concept that would include the area. I came up with a rough sketch and explanation of the idea. 

The concept is to portray some of the lives living in Nøjsomheden and Vapnagaard, as well as people who pass the tunnel every day. It was important for me to find people with different stories and ways of living. 

I went to Nøjsomheden and Vapnagaard to photograph local people who I could paint. This way i also got to know some of the locals. Some of  the photos was taken before painting the piece, some were taken during the process.  

Executing the painting took me around 3 weeks. I chose to use a very simple and unique colour scheme because painting in natural colours sometimes creates an intense expression. I wanted the art work to be more subtle as people pass this tunnel every day. 

Collaboration with Helsingør Kommune https://www.helsingor.dk/

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