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Superbrugsen Gråsten 2020

In cooperation with Superbrugsen the task was to create an artwork related to the history of the grocery franchise Coop. Several ideas was discussed and this was what came out. 

An interpretation of Davrepigerne by Åge Sikker Hansen. The original illustration was made for Oatmeal packages and is classic in Danish Illustration. The models for this intepretation are two young sisters growing up locally in Gråsten, Sønderjylland Denmark. 


Original by Åge Sikker Hansen.

Interpreting this i was looking at the feeling of the illustration. Bright colours, sweet expressions. A composition leading towards the Oat in the hand of the girl to the left. 

unnamed (9).jpg

Collecting reference photos by making a post on a local facebook group. I was lucky to find these two girls who represents the girls from the original illustration. 

unnamed (10).jpg

Sketching on the wall using the photo as reference. From here I was working until i found the expression I wanted. It took me 7 days as I change the face expression many times in the process. 

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