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Double Oak and Blood Beech

"Double Oak and Blood Beech" is a mural made in connection to the 100 years anniversary of "Genforeningen". It´s located in Haderslev.  

"Genforeningen" is a historical event happening in 1920. South Jutland (Slesvig) of Denmark was taken over by the Prussians since the battle of 1864 happening on Dybbøl Mølle. Since many citizens felt Danish there was a vote happening in 1920 if South Jutland (Slesvig) should be Danish or Prussian. A big part of Slesvig was reunited with Denmark. 

The mural is predicting the present relation between Germany and Denmark. The "Double Oak" representing Slesvig (Germany) and the "Blood beech" representing South Jutland (Denmark). 

The mural was supported by "Genforenings Puljen Haderslev." and "Haderslev Kunstforening" who also participated in organising a fernisage.  

Skitse til genforeningen maleri, lavet af graffitikunstner Andreas Welin i Haderslev, 2020

After a research on "Genforeningen" I found a concept that would explain the Danish and German relation and danish relation in a simple and graphic way. Two sisters or twins. 

The sketch that I proposed was not very detailed. I wanted to be able to build the piece at the wall, taking decisions as I go.

The image to the right is showing how I am projecting the sketch on to the wall, to get an overview the proportions

Collecting reference images for inspiration and getting correct details for the mural. I was lucky to find a blood beech and an oak tree in Haderslev where I was painting. 

Rough blockin of the big shapes, and after going for further details. 

Finished piece and fernissage. 

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